I recently visited Vegas for a friend's wedding. That's about the fifth time I've been there in my adult life. My first visit was as a child with my family. I was probably five or six, and we stayed at Circus Circus.  

For My recent trip I stayed at the Luxor. That was my second time there. I love the Fact that I can say I have slept inside of a pyramid. I also love symbols and the Luxor is teeming with symbology and an Obelisk to boot. Super pagan.

I met up with my friends at the Flamingo, and we took a stroll through the wildlife habitat. It's truly a paradise in the desert and a hidden jem nestled just off of the noisy and sometimes ab- noxious strip.

I saw this cool waterfall and caught some inspiration in Vegas. Inspiration is everywhere if you just look. 


When I got back I was excited to paint my interpretation of the "Flamingo Waterfall". 

This was it...  I wanted the waterfall to be more intense. I used the palette knife for the rocks.  They have lots of texture. 


The Wildlife Sanctuary at the Flamingo is free and even has a bar to boot.  

The highlight at the Sanctuary is a flock of Chilean Flamingos.  Maybe I should add one. Hmmmm.

Peace out ya'll




T.G.I.F. YA'LL. Recently I was prepping (priming) a canvas for a new piece. I took a pic of the canvas because I wanted to remember how I started the piece (memento moment😜). After finishing the piece, I realized I really liked what I did in the initial prep stages, and decided that "idea" could work as the basis for a future painting. This was what the "prep" looked like.

Idea for "Awareness" Series. 

Idea for "Awareness" Series.