That "BLINK MOMENT": That feeling or thought you get before you consciously think about the situation.


Hello, I am "Complicated Art Man", also known as ALFRESH.  I am making art uncomplicated, one piece at a time. 

I started painting many years ago, and lost touch with the art form.  I have also been dj'ing since the age of 13 and have produced many electronic dance music tracks.  Additionally, I am a bartender by trade with over 20 years experience behind the wood.

For me, the process of creating something is extremely therapeutic and satisfying to my soul and mental well being. Whether it's music, art, or hand crafting cocktails, I find the creation process very cathartic. 

I made my first piece of art back in 2003.  It was a bright red wood framed mirror, I called "Starburst".  At the suggestion of a former girlfriend, I started to make wood framed mirrors again, back in 2011.  She really liked that Starburst mirror and suggested I continue.  So, I started creating different types of designs for the new mirrors.  

Starburst Mirror.

They included a "stash box" style, with a push button release.  I also made one called the "Puzzle Piece."  The Puzzle Piece had a stash box designed into it and a resin top.  I didn't have much experience at mixing the resin, so I recruited my girlfriend to help me mix and pour it one 3 am...  She said I was making art complicated.  She nicknamed me "Complicated Art Man", and the name stuck like glue. She even had a song written for it.

I recently consulted with her on a name for my website.  Without any hesitation she blurted out, "How bout Complicated Art Man?"  We both laughed (she harder than I), but SHE was serious.  The rest as they say, is history.  

The infamous "Puzzle Piece."

The thing I didn't realize when I was making those mirrors, was that I was mostly creating from the left side of my brain.  That is the analytical side.  I was freaking out about lines, and colors streaking, etc.  

It's years later now, and I have learned how to paint and create from the right side of my brain.  I paint freely, without worries/fears of lines, or making "mistakes".  I have found that painting without fear is priceless and super satisfying.  There is something cathartic about splattering paint on a canvas, and just letting it go.  

I made the connection one day watching an artist from Australia named Mark Waller, on YouTube.  He is absolutely remarkable.  He paints so freely and has paint dripping all over the canvas, the entire time without a worry.  I swear to you, the very next day, something just clicked and I wasn't painting with trepidation anymore. 

I highly recommend watching Mark's YouTube channel.  He is fun, very cool and inspirational. 

In 2015 I enrolled in private classes at the whimsical Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida with a renowned and trained Impressionistic teacher. My main goal was to learn different techniques.  I made the mistake one day of taking an abstract piece I had painted (outside of class), and my teacher tore me a new ass right in front of the class! The courtyard was so silent, you could hear the acrylic paints drying.  She laid into me, describing how "primitive" my art was, and recommend that, "I take it home, gesso it, and start all over again." I was a bit mortified and insulted... As Robert Deniro would say, "I lil' bit."

FOR THE RECORD: I did NOT gesso the piece & start all over again.

FYI: Never take a piece of art previously created outside of class, to an art teacher for critique. 

The other artists, behind her back,  were "mouthing" to me, "Don't Worry." or "She does this to everyone at some point." That was really nice of them.  They were super talented Impressionistic style artists and I was definitely in another league.  I remember the artists would say to me, "I wish I could paint 'that way'."  I didn't understand what they meant, until THAT MOMENT. 

I didn't take it personal. It was a reality check and she really put me in the moment.  I experienced what they call a "blink" moment.  I realized exactly what kind of artist I WAS, and what kind of artist I WAS NOT.

"I AM AN ABSTRACT ARTIST!"  That is what I said to myself, and that is how I paint.

I have always been one to listen to criticism since my early dj days.  It doesn't mean anyone is "right or wrong".  Although, I feel it is important to take note.  For the record, I am grateful for her criticism. Even though it was harsh, the class was the right forum for it. Additionally, if she hadn't critiqued me like that, It may have taken a long, long, time to discover "who" I was as an artist. 

A lot of my creations come from dream sequences, blink moments, or sketches... My dreams are vivid and I dream in color.  I feel sorry for the people who say they can't remember their dreams, or say they dream in only "black and white".  I have found that;  "If I can sketch it, I can paint it!"  Sometimes I see things on the streets, people's pics on social media, or things in nature, and have that "blink moment".  I say to myself, "I'm going to paint that!"

Most of my creations are acrylic paint on canvas.  It's rare, but I will create works of art on wood boards that I cut and sand myself.  Sometimes I use stencils for patterns, glitter for special effects, and as you know by now, resin for a table top look. Some wood projects are distressed for worn/rustic look. 

Creating with music in the background is a big part of my process.  Probably 95% of the time I am painting I have music playing.  I find that there is an interconnectedness with both, in my creation process.  Sometimes, things come from a dark place.  One day, I got pissed at what was happening, or not happening on the canvas, squirted water all over the canvas, and low and behold a forrest of trees appeared.  That, my friends, is serendipity.

I continually have to keep telling myself, "I am an artist."  I don't consider myself a real artist.  I can't explain it.  Maybe it's a stereo type thang. Maybe I keep that "Gypsy-Artist" tucked away, only to bring him out while creating.  My best friend Jenergy (who is an incredible artist btw) tells me that I have to keep telling myself,  "I am an artist."  Thank you Jenergy: "I AM AN ARTIST!"

Somedays, I am painting and I get into a groove,  I say, "I am an artist." Or I'll do some dance moves when I'm getting satisfactory results.

Some of my favorite music genres to paint to are: Downtempo, Dub Reggae, Ambient/New Age & Deep House. My go to stations on Pandora are Thievery Corporation, Ambient Radio & King Tubby, (dub reggae).

Thanks for stopping by...