I've been sick for three & a half days. I'm finally feeling better, so I decided to do some touch up work today. 

First I touched up "Medieval Doors" by adding some gold highlights on the doors.

SIDEBAR: This painting has a simple "Caesar Cipher" code embedded below the door handles. Drop me a line if you decipher it.  The doors are from the "Church of the Holy City" in Washington D.C.  I visited this church several times while living in Annapolis.  I also painted the church in "Diesel's Journey Home/Leap of Faith".  I dreamed about these doors by themselves one night and this is what it looked like...sort of:)

Next I re-applied another coat of gloss finish. This time brushing it on, as opposed to spraying it on. The spray gloss is very tricky to apply. I find it easier to apply it onto small pieces.  Generally 8 X 10 & smaller. It's scary good on those sizes.

After that, I decided that I needed to add "something" to "Pink Skies & Sunflowers".  I decided to add a tree to give the painting more depth.  I used a paint knife technique for this tree. I re-applied a coat of gloss afterwards.


FINALLY...I took the honeycombs out of this latest piece (KEY TO MY DREAMS) I've been working on, changed the pink clouds to black/white, and added the eye of ra where the honeycombs were.



BELIEVE IT OR NOT: There was a cloud where the Eye of Ra is.  It looked like a giant gator chomping it's way through the painting...Although I'm a Florida Gators fan...HE HAD TO GO!