What’s up guys, it’s your boy the C.A.M.

My latest art creations are two different versions of “STREET CRED MICKEY”.

On the left we have “Oh Mickey You’re So Fine”, and on the right we have “C.R.E.A.M.” (CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME).

“Oh Mickey You’re So Fine” & “C.R.E.A.M.” (CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME) & Sassy the Chihuahua

“Oh Mickey You’re So Fine” & “C.R.E.A.M.” (CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME) & Sassy the Chihuahua

Bonus feature piece is: “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GLORY”

“NO COUNTRY FOR OLD GLORY is a mixed media piece, and is created on wood. Old Glory consists of ACRYLIC, SPRAY PAINTED RESIN, SPRAY PAINT, AND RESIN COATED.


“OH MICKEY”, features a cipher imbedded around his chest area and “CREAM” features the WU-TANG style logo with some Basquiat style effects around it.

Once I had the title all figured out, I knew I HAD to incorporate the WU-TANG logo into the painting. It was definitely apros-po. After all, New York is the birthplace of Hip Hop as well as Basquiat.

Sketching practice for the CREAM logo & dollar bill symbols that went over the eyes.


I sketched these out on the card stock paper that comes inside the canvases. The same ones that give the canvas specifications. I save most of these and honestly find them quite useful for situations such as these.

My sketch painting process is to practice over and over until I feel comfortable with the technique. Basically when I’m ready, I switch over to the canvas and let it rip..

Here is a gallery featuring a few stages that these paintings went through. . Click on any photo to expand.


Both versions are mixed media on canvas and roughly 2’ x 3’.

Media types include, acrylic, spray paint, clear lacquer, glitter, glue, stencil, and varnish. I finished both Micks off with two coats of flat varnish and used the gloss varnish to highlight/accent parts of each painting.

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