Good day to you. Thanks for stopping by the CAM BLOG. Today I wanted to take a quick moment and share a recent project I’ve been working on...So let’s get to it, shall we?



FIRST UP: A Black & White piece. Black resin on 12” X 36” canvas. 




EPOXY RESIN by Envirotex

In all actuality, this was an experimental side piece I created from left over black resin. I knew that I wanted to create something from a minimalistic perspective and try something new. I kept the palette simple and used large bamboo skewers for the drip technique.

My window of opportunity was not too wide open. The resin was starting its firming up process. As the project continued, I had to change dripping techniques with the bamboo skewers. The experiment was taking on a life of its own. I was just there for the ride, lol.

The resin went through a four stage metamorphic process:

1️⃣ Loose

2️⃣ Firm

3️⃣ Gluey

4️⃣ Spider/Arachnid 

Each stage took me on a different ride. 

When I first started the project, the resin was still very loose and drippy. I was able to manipulate my curves with ease. As time went on, the resin got a little firmer and I had to change my dripping technique. With more ticks passing by on the clock, the resin transformed itself into a glue like character.

The glue stage actually created a new effect on the painting and thinned the resin down some. I used this opportunity to give myself another layer to work with. This stage also added another layer & depth to the painting. As I got comfortable with each stage of the process, my comfort zone was short lived. The resin decided it was time to transform, yet again. Each transformation was dictating in which direction the project was headed.

Lastly, the resin transformed to a spider web like substance. This was the trickiest stage to work with. Once again, I had to change my technique. This time, dripping the resin from about 18 inches from above the canvas, then working my way towards the canvas and hovering the skewer all over the canvas. It was just as if I was working with spider silk. That’s what it looked like as well. Oh, what I tangled web I had woven.

That voice in my head was telling me that this experiment had ran its course. Let’s call this one finished. Venomous. 

Resin is alot of fun to work with, even though that manipulation time may be about an hour. Once the resin is setting, you can add more layers and colors to your project. this will give your project a 3D effect.


Have lots of gloves handy (ha! Puns aren’t funny)

Cover your floor and table with trash bags

Use a blow torch for bubbles.

Be prepared to cover when finished

Give yourself a couple of hours. Never rush a resin project.  

If you’re planning to do a simple clear coat (table top) finish, you will only have about 45 minutes of time before the resin starts to cure.  Using a blow torch to blow out the air bubbles is a must.

Below is a link to my YT channel, complicatedartman. It is short vid on pouring resin on art.


Until next time, you know what to do; 

stay creative & keep on painting! 


Uncle Alfresco.