Sketching: why it’s important




So just why is sketching important? In my experience, I’ve found that sketching is a great exercise to get your mind in a creative state. Sketching also gets me hyped up & motivated to start painting my project ideas.

I’ve also found out that sketching is a fantastic way to work out potential obstacles that may be lurking ahead in your project. These obstacles may potentially spoil your future art endeavors. I guess u can say it’s like a pre gaming for your big project.

In my experience, I’ve figured out that sketching has been very beneficial to me helping me become a more efficient artist.

Another benefit of sketching is that it can help you gain a different perspective from the initial “masterpiece of an idea”, that you had in mind. Recently, I found out that sharing your sketch ideas with someone may be a huge benefit to your project. Their perception of your concept may give you a different perspective or other options in which direction to take your project.

Sketching can also be a way for your ideas to naturally evolve into a painting. It can help make the transition from paper to canvas a smooth one. Possibly pre organizing your ideas from super complex and too many, to a less is more type of methodology.

in conclusion, sketching & doodling are your friends.

For me, it’s a way to “wake up” my brain’s creative juices and get my projects going. Working out those potential pitfalls through the sketching process has saved me time, and will save you time and headaches as well in your future projects.



HAPPY HOLIDAYS my friends,

Until next time, you know what to do: