Greetings from sunny Florida.

Recently, I found myself thinking alot about creating a Pollock style piece. I’ve never painted anything in that style, but lately I keep seeing his style of work everywhere I go. After doing some research on the man himself, I decided to jump in and go for it. 

I wanted to keep it simple, so I went with three colors: RED WHITE & BLUE and added some glitter just to give the painting some bling bling. I guess I was feeling patriotic. 

I got some old brushes together, some bamboo skewers for stirring/mixing the paint & a decent sized canvas (2’ x 3’) .

I used acrylic flow paint. I quickly found out that it was not as flowy/loose as I wanted. So I thinned the colors out by adding some good ole H2O. That’s fancy science talk for water lol. Thinning the paints out with water was the trick. After achieving the proper flowy consistency, I was ready to rock it out. 

I found the creating process & style of this “freeform” of painting very liberating. There was no “right or wrong” way of doing it. I was throwing paint from left to right, right to left. Down and up and up and down and all around. Sometimes I was flicking the paint brushes, and other times, just dragging them over the canvas. I was literally painting in the air. I was creating a piece of artwork out of thin air. FASCINATING! I think I only struck the canvas three times during this creative journey. I even used the bamboo skewers. They were great tools for flicking streaks, splattering, & tapping out droplets. 



I discovered many fascinating experiences during my Pollack Experiment journey. I felt many emotions of joy, satisfaction, and adventure. If I must say, it was pretty magical. It was a very free feeling experience. As I rhythmically maneuvered those skewers & brushes around through the air, I felt like a composer, leading his orchestra of paints on an art splattering journey.

There were a few tricky things involved with this painting technique though.

TRICK #1️⃣ Finding the balance between the three colors. I call it the “rhythm & flow” of the painting.  

TRICK #2️⃣ Determining when the painting was finished. 

Those two factors were the big decisions I had to make during this process. Once I found my rhythm & a level of satisfaction with the outcome, I was able to determine when it was time to let it go. In other words: FINISH, CAPUT, FIN, FINITO, BE OVER IT... You get the idea.

There was even a surprise third TRICK. 


This serendipitous development was awesome. The natural color mixing taking place during the creative process, produced MORE than just three colors. Not only did I have RED WHITE & BLUE, but the color mixing created light blue, pink, and even values of violet & purple.. I found his fascinating. The painting was creating elements on it’s own. It had conjured up catalytic energies on its own will. Now that’s MAGICK! 

Anyhow, This experience has opened up my eyes and imagination further into my limitless and untapped creative energies. 

Thanks for taking the time out of your day, to peruse this article on “THE POLLOCK EXPERIMENT”.  

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